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Special for Amazon Prime Students

amazon prime studentsHave you heard the latest buzz about Amazon? Amazon is practically cutting all the costs on their services with their newest subscription deal. They have launched Amazon Prime giving quality service at a fraction of the cost. And not to mention added bonuses that everyone in the family would love!

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Well, what is Amazon Prime anyway? Amazon Prime is a $79 a year subscription for Amazon which allows you to buy anything and everything on their massive online store with no extra charges for shipping. No strings attached! This means you can cancel out any time. You can choose from the millions of items that are eligible for Prime and get the standard shipping or the 2 day shipping fee absolutely free! Just look for the Prime logo beside the item for eligibility. In addition to this, Amazon is throwing in one free book every month on their Kindle Owner’s Lending Library. This gives you access to classic novels such as the Wuthering Heights, Pride and Prejudice, A Tale of Two Cities and even to popular series like the Hunger Games. Choose from 180,000 books from their online library and get this, they don’t have due dates! This means there is no need to rush to read the book of your choice. At an average of $10 per book, that is a total of at least $120 a year in savings!

As an added bonus, Amazon is opening their video streaming to Prime subscribers. From 40,000 movie titles and TV shows to choose from, Prime lets you watch anything everywhere. Downtown Abbey, Suits, American Horror Story and Glee just to name a few. Amazon Prime movies can be accessed from desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and other devices too. These include popular movies such as The Hunger Games, The Expendables to the critically acclaimed favorites like Casablanca, The Pulp Fiction,   Les Miserables, Rain Man and The Red Violin. All these Amazon Prime movies with no extra charges! This might cost you almost a $100 a year with other video streaming subscriptions such as Netflix.

Furthermore, Amazon Prime is available for both new and current subscribers. And if that doesn’t get you excited about signing up, Amazon throws in a 30 day free trial! Even during the trial period, you would be getting all the benefits of a paid Prime subscriber for the full 30 day period. Amazon believes in giving value to their subscribers by giving their money’s worth and more. 

Upgrading to Amazon Prime Students

Current subscribers can upgrade their subscription to Prime at any time. You might have already have and invitation from Amazon to go Prime. Amazon Student subscribers enjoy added bonuses upon upgrading to Prime. Not only do they get the first 6 months free on their Amazon Student subscription but they also get Prime at 50% off upon upgrading. So that’s $39 a year for Amazon Students going Prime. They get all the benefits of Prime plus exclusive giveaways and discounts only for students!

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Prime would be an added advantage for students because they get one Kindle book free every month and thousands of movies for video streaming. Not only can they read and watch in pleasure but can access reading materials for school. It is also perfect for bonding with friends during movie nights or late night sleepovers. And to top it all off, Amazon gives $5 credit for every referral made either by emails or social networking sites. Remember, this comes with all the shipping fee discounts to maximize your purchases for school supplies and the like.

Besides, with all the essentials prices hiking up, you would not want to miss out on the big savings you would get from going Prime. Just the shipping fee savings alone for a year, that would be more money to spend on more important things like tuition. At $39 a year, with all the perks of Prime, upgrading your subscription should be a no brainer.

Great deals are in store for Amazon Student subscribers and new subscribers. With everything and anything, Amazon has got it all! And with Prime, you can watch, read, shop and relax. A hassle-free one –stop shop is what Amazon takes pride in.

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