Amazon Prime Review

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Will Amazon Prime permanently replace Netflix?

amazon primeWith the entire buzz in online market industry, Amazon brings everything from A to Z to you with a simple click of the mouse. And apparently, they are bringing your favorite movies and TV shows to you too! So sit back and gear up and go Amazon Prime!

What is Amazon Prime?

Love buying deals on Amazon but hate the added cost of shipping? Worry not! Amazon Prime free trial offers free shipping and/or shipping discounts on a wide array of items on Amazon. Prime takes the hassle out of shipping by cutting out the cost on standard shipping of eligible items. And not to mention their 2 day shipping on eligible items absolutely free!

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Have you ever purchased more than you can afford just to meet the minimum order size? Well, Amazon Prime free trial requires no minimum order making your purchases hassle free. And to top it all off, if you need items on a rush, Prime brings down the 1 day shipping to $3.99 per item. All of this and more at $79 a year with no strings attached! What more can you ask for?

Moreover, since Amazon is known for great deals, they are offering Amazon Prime free of cost for 30 days! The Amazon Prime Free Trial lets you have all the benefits of a paid Amazon Prime subscriber for 30 days. And no need to call in to continue your subscription after the trial has ended because it automatically signs you up after the 30 days. This saves you the hassle of discontinuing the service at a time you might need it best.

Itching to start your free trial? Signing up is easy and if you’re already a member of Amazon, you might already have an invitation to go Prime. Detailed, easy to follow instructions are available on screen on their website Amazon Prime free trial signup page.

Savings at a cost

Is this a great deal at a fraction of a cost or are we just pulling your leg? Amazon Prime cost is just at $79 a year. Whether or not you are a fanatic of buying things online, you’d surely save up with the shipping fee removed. And if you’re a seasoned buyer, you’d know that even with a great deal on an item, shipping fee might be a deal breaker.

So with the millions of items eligible for Prime, you’d get your money’s worth in the shipping fee savings for just $79 a year. That is less than $10 a month. For example, your garden hose got punctured and you need to replace it. A trip down the store to get something as simple as a garden hose might mean a load of gas wasted. So think of all the things you’d be buying for a year then add the shipping fee for each item. Why not try to purchase your necessities online with Amazon and reap all the benefits of Prime? With all the savings from Prime, you have more money for your next purchase at Amazon!

Going Prime would be a no brainer for long standing Amazon subscribers. The savings alone in shipping is certainly a great value at $79. New subscribers, whether or not they are light to heavy buyers online, with all the added bonuses of Amazon Prime cost, you’d surely have your money’s worth.

Igniting a spark at Kindle

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In addition, Amazon has teamed up with Kindle to bring you a wide selection of titles of books. Letting you read books from the popular classics like Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, Les Miserables by Victor Hugo, A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens to the children’s favorites like Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, Cougar Cub Tales: I'm Just Like You by Sharon Cramer and The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Andersen. In addition to these, popular trilogies are also available such as the Hunger Games trilogy and the Spellbound trilogy. These are perfect for all the members of the family and great for the children’s school reading assignments. All are ready to purchase at their market gallery. The best thing about this is that with Prime, Amazon’s selected Kindle books can be borrowed at their Kindle Owners' Lending Library for free! You’d have one free book that you can borrow per month that you can read anywhere with your Kindle. These books have no due date so you don’t have to rush on returning them. The average e-book would cost you roughly around $10 which is a $120 savings a year with Amazon Prime! Just look at the Prime logo (it is a check with the word Prime) for eligibility and your good to go.

If that doesn’t send you scrambling to sign up for Prime, you’d surely get a kick out of the added bonus. Amazon Prime cost has gathered 5,000 of your favorite movie titles and TV shows and brings them to you with no added cost! But will it hold its ground when compared to other video streaming competitions?

Amazon Prime vs Netflix

Let’s give you a blow by blow account of this. Amazon Prime Instant Video has over 5,000 movie titles with popular movies like Hunger Games, Avengers, Thor, Transformers just to name a few and award winning movies such as Pulp Fiction, Amelie, Shakespeare in Love and Crouching Tiger and the Hidden Dragon. Plus Amazon Prime has a collection of TV shows such as Downtown Abbey, Suits, The Tudors and Doctor Who. Oldies like MacGyver and Gilligan’s Island are also being offered. Not to mention, kid’s all- time favorites like Spongebob Squarepants, Blue’s Clues and Dora the Explorer series. And to make your viewing experience more pleasurable, Amazon Prime allows you to filter the titles that are encompassed into Prime. All are ready for video streaming which is paltry compared to Netflix’s 20,000 titles. However, with the popular titles, Amazon Prime vs Netflix are tied up. This is due to the fact that some titles are carried by Amazon Prime which Netflix doesn’t and vice versa. And both boasts of watching movies anywhere which means, videos can be played with other gadgets such as desktop computers, laptops and other devices, however, only Netflix can be accessed on Apple TV, iPhones and Wii. While Amazon Prime is available in Linux, Netflix is not. Another thing to consider is the streaming quality. At a glance, Amazon Prime and Netflix make effort in giving out best quality in streaming. With a foot above Amazon Prime vs Netflix streaming adjusts with your internet connection providing a smoother video streaming.

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The bottom line is, how much are you willing to shell out for this service? Netflix’s unlimited streaming is priced at $7.99 per month. That is roughly around $100 yearly. And all you get is a limited number of titles. But with Amazon Prime vs Netflix, not only do you get to watch movies; you’d also be rid of worrying about the shipping fee of your purchases. Amazon Prime cost is only $79 a year. That is $6.58 per month. At $1.41 per month more with Netflix, it seems like too much for just video streaming. Plus, books are at hand with their Kindle team up. With everyday items, shipping would easily be up around $40 or more daily plus 12 e-books would be priced on average of $120. Adding that all up plus a subscription of video streaming from competitors you’ll be saving you and your family more than $256 a year! And yes, it would be a $79 pay at one time but you’d be paying for a year’s services with all the benefits included rather than a monthly rate with little benefits.

Amazon is a one stop shop for anything and everything. Making a name for itself, Amazon takes pride in providing the best deals for your money including providing customers their services at a fraction of a cost. They give value to their loyal subscribers and treating new subscribers like old friends.

Placing value on customers means giving them their money’s worth and more. That is what Amazon is all about. Throughout the years, Amazon kept up with competitors budding from all directions. Quality service with optimum benefits, Amazon centers on giving more than you have given them, hence, making them achieve longevity in the business.

Amazon Prime brings quality online purchasing service with no shipping fee on millions of their items to customers worldwide. Furthermore, this comes with a no strings attached policy. This means that you can cancel your $79 per year subscription at any time! Browse through their millions of items from shoes, electronics, apparel and even apps in popular devices in just one website. And when you see the Prime logo beside the item, you can be assured that the regular shipping fee would be removed upon purchase. Also, Amazon keeps updating its movie and books library and their assortment of products online. That means more choices for each and every one in the family proving once again that Amazon has everything from A to Z. 


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